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National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premiere S&T organization of the Government of India in the field of Informatics Services and Information Technology (IT) applications, and has been instrumental in steering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) application in Government Departments at Central, State and Districts for wider transparency in government functions, improvement in decentralized planning and management. To facilitate this, NIC has established a nationwide ICT network, NICNET with gateway nodes in Central Government Departments, 35 State/UT Secretariats, and almost all district Collectorates, for IT services. Government has designated the nation-wide Computer-Communication Network, NICNET, as the Government network.
The organizational set up of NIC encompasses its Headquarters at New Delhi, State Units in all 28 state capitals and 7 union Territory Headquarters and District Centres in almost all the Districts of India. The organization employs a large pool of efficient technical manpower. The NIC, Purulia District Centre has been actively involved with the promotion and penetration of Informatics Culture in this district. NIC has played an important role of active catalyst and facilitator in informatics development programme in this district.

NIC District centre in Purulia district started in the year 1988. Within the Collectorate complex it started as a small unit. It provides IT support mainly to the district administration. Computer awareness training programmes were the primary activities in those days. Gradually works started on word processing, spreadsheet etc. Staffs at the Collectorate prepared letters and office orders by word processing.   Small databases prepared such as, Employee details, Non-Agri vested lands, Forest area etc. After that small information systems developed where various monitoring reports were generated. For development and planning department various scheme-monitoring systems were developed. Monthly scheme wise reports were prepared.

During those days Hardwire available at NIC district centre are a 386-based system with dumb terminals and dot matrix printers. The prime attraction at the NIC Centre at that time was the NICMAIL system connected to all the district and state head quarters of India through NEC S 1000 system at NIC Head quarters. For the purpose of NICMAIL operation C-200 VSAT were installed at NIC district centre. Software environment at the district centre was SCO XENIX as operating system.  Foxplus used for database works. Lyrix used for word processing. To provide dial up X25 NICMAIL service at serial ports PAD installed at district centres at the later stage.  FCI Purulia and Railway Division Adra were using dial up NICMAIL services during those days. Some of the projects under XENIX – foxplus environment are as follows.


(i) Pension Information system.

(ii) Employee information system

(iii)Scheme monitoring system

(iv) Quarter allotment system

(v) Forest Area Information System


First Pentium based system installed at the district in the year 1998 using Unixware as operating system. Windows operating System come to NIC district centre in the year 1999 with the installation of P-II Zenith System. Applications developed in the foxplus was converted to visual FoxPro under windows environment. Later Internet and Email services provided from the district centre.

The first major computerization work started by NIC Purulia with the Computerization of district treasury. Towards E-Governance awareness, In the Year 2002 a seminar was organized by NIC, Purulia and District Administration where all the nodal departments from the district have participated. At all 20 blocks of Purulia district Internet and email facility provided from district centre.


A large number of computer projects are running in this district, which are developed and/or implemented by this district centre. Apart from this technical support and guidance are used to be given to district administration, Zilla Parisad and several other departments of Central and State Government like FCI, District Court, Police, Land and Land Reforms, Treasury, Land Acquisition, DRDC, PWD, Health and Family Welfare, Agriculture, District Registrar, Post and Telegraph, Consumer Forum etc as and when required. The NIC, Purulia District Centre has been actively involved with different types of computerization projects and new initiatives, as per enthusiasm of the State Government towards electronics governance have been taken up.


The quality system is practiced at this department to ensure meeting and exceeding the customer requirements for providing ICT solutions and services. It is aimed at meeting the requirements of ISO: 9001:2000 standards, the quality policy and objectives defined by NIC.




Officers posted at NIC Purulia District Centre

1. Mr. Sourav Samaddar, In-Charge, NIC Purulia

2. Vaccant

(Source: District Informatics Officer, National Informatics Centre, Purulia)