Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Purulia


Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, West Bengal, came into existence in the mid- 1940’s when the earstwhile Government of West Bengal decided to set up a Provisional Statistical bureau (PSB) under the administrative control of Finance Department. In pursuance of these decisions, the Govt. order was issued under Finance (Audit) Department’s memo. no. 1940 (28)- F, dated 6.10.1944. Since then, the name of the Bureau has been changed twice: first, from Provincial Statistical Bureau (PSB) to State Statistical Bureau (SSB) since 13.11.1950 and then a Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics (B.A.E.& S.) w.e.f. 01.01.1969.


District Statistics Office,  Purulia under the Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Government of West Bengal is headed by an Assistant Director. He is assisted by two Supervisors at district office, four Range Inspectors posted at Purulia Sadar, Raghunathpur, Balarampur and Manbazar. Each of the range officials are supported by Assistant Investigators / Village Organisor posted at each block.


The activities of the District Statistics Office is to



The Bureau has established a Library since long and this has a good collection of books / journals and other publications relating to Economics, Statistics, Social Science, Environmental Science etc.



(Source: Assistant Director, Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Purulia)