Deptt. of Information & Cultural Affairs, Purulia




The Information & Cultural Departmental set-up at Purulia district (District Information & Cultural Office & Sub Divisional Information & Cultural Office, Raghunathpur) work under the directions of the four directorates of the Information & Cultural Department  :-

a) Information Directorate
b) Culture Directorate
c) Film Directorate
d) Archaeology Directorate



  1. To disseminate information about the activities & achievements of the State Govt. through different media through the well-knit network of offices in the districts & sub-divisions.
  2. To keep the Ministers & other senior Govt. functionaries aware of the public reaction reflected through the media & other sources.
  3. To promote & preserve our cultural heritage including the folk culture.
  4. To preserve our archeological heritage.
  5. To organize state ceremonies & to extend hospitality to the visiting Indian & Foreign dignitaries.


State Govt. Protected Archeaological Monuments At Purulia District

Sl. No.

Name of the monument

Place & Block


Durga Temple




Haraktore, Para


Radha Govinda Mandir

Cheliyama, Raghunathpur II


Siva Temple

Kroshjuri, Kashipur


Jain Temple

Pakbirra, Puncha


Basudeb Temple

Arsha, Arsha


Jain & Other Images

Suissa, Bagmundi



Begunkodar, Jhalda II


Temples & Scuptures

Siddheswar Ashram, Boram, Jaipur


Central Govt. Protected Archeaological Monuments At Purulia District

Sl. No.

Name of the monument

Place & Block


Jain Temple

Banda, Raghunathpur II


Recipients of different prizes of “Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi” from Purulia


Name of the prize



“Soumen Chando” Prize for young writer (below 45 years)

Saikat Rakhkhit for his book “MARAI KAL”


“Anita Sunil Kumar Basu” Memorial prize

Nirmal Haldar for his book of poems “Aarek Bhubon”


Life Time Achievement for his contribution in Bengali literature.

Subodh Kumar Basuroy – the editor “Chhatrak”


Life Time Achievement for his contribution in Bengali literature.

Mohini Mohan Gangopadhya


Recipients of different prizes of Folk Tribal Cultural Centre, Kolkata from Purulia

Sudhi Pradhan Puraskar (Prize)

Sudhi Pradhan Puraskar is an award named after the renowned personality Late Sudhi Pradhan ex Chairman of Folk and Tribal Cultural Centre, Kolkata as well as a life-long patron of folk art form. This award is given annually from the centre in his memory. The award is given to the creative and promising young artiste their respective field of performance within the age group of 50 years. The Chairman of the Centre usually confers this award. The amount of Sudhi Pradhan Puraskar is Rs.15,000/- and it started from the year 1999. The recipient of this award from Purulia district is Gunadhar Sahis (Natua) in the year 2000.


Laloon Puraskar (Prize)

“Laloon Puraskar (Prize)” is given annually by West Bengal State Government. Folk and Tribal Cultural Centre nominates the name of the artist for Laloon Puraskar every year. This is a State level award and is given to aged folk artists for their life time achievement in their respective fields. The amount of Laloon Puraskar is Rs.25,000/-. The award is given by the Chief Minister of the State. The recipients of this award from the district of Purulia are Late Smt. Sindhukala Devi (Jhumur), Sri Salabat Mahato (Jhumur) and Sri Bhagaban Das Kumar (Chhou).





(Source: D.I.C.O, Purulia)